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School Facilities

Our school is set in a beautiful and serene environment. Nestled at the foot of the mountains we enjoy the bushy environment and take great care in ensuring that we respect our surroundings. We are fortunate that we have completed a major upgrade whereby the main building with its wide corridor and clerestory windows allows an abundance of natural light into classrooms, library and foyer. The students enjoy spacious classrooms and working spaces that enable flexibility and creativity. 

The school?s outstanding facilities comprise of:

? Ten classrooms

? Large library with a computer lab

? MultiLit room

? Quicksmart room

? Administration area 

? First Aid room

? Meeting room

? Teacher resource room 

? Language (Japanese) room

? The Arts building ? Performing Arts room and Studio Arts room

? Multi-purpose room 

? Oval

? Two activity playground areas and exercise site

? Active and passive outdoor areas with plenty of seating and shade.