About Us - Transition Programs

Upper Ferntree Gully Primary School places a strong focus on transition programs to support children entering into the primary school, moving through the primary years and onto secondary school. We are proudly associated with the Better Buddies program by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

We provide a caring and nurturing environment. Foundation students are connected to a buddy in year 6 who help support them in their first year of school. There are regular buddy sessions for the buddies and Foundation students to interact in a positive and fun way during literacy, numeracy and social skilling sessions.

Students who enter our school in different years have class buddies to ensure they have a smooth transition into the school and to provide them with a support network.

In preparation for the following year a number of sessions are held in term 3 and 4 to assist students to transition from Kinder to their first year of school.

Equally we place great importance helping our year 6 students prepare for the transition to secondary school through visits to and from the local secondary school, past student guest speakers, using a locker system for books, timetabling rehearsals and helping them develop management and organisational skills. Parents are encouraged to visit a range of secondary schools. Secondary school information sessions are promoted to families.